September 21, 2017

Mould remediation


The Physical Building Solution















According to a survey by the EU-SILC (European Union Statistic on Income and Living Conditions) in 2008, from its own estimation, 14% of the German population lived in moisture-damaged apartments or houses.

Mould is one of the biggest issues in newly-built and existing edifices and a long-lasting solution has not been found so far.
Until today, in the realm of mould remediation, only cosmetic solutions have been pursued, while not remedying the  actual cause such as condensation or humidity on the surface.

Conventional mould abatement by calcium silicate boards, internal insulation, special primer for binding mould spores or chemicals are partly arduous and expensive and no long-term solutions but merely shorttermaids.


Simple but effective. Our panel heating provides the physical building solution.



As a result of the ultra-slim (0.5 mm) Lofec panel heating and the patented regulation technology the wall´s surface temperature constantly remains above the dew point.
The intelligent combination of surface temperature, hysteresis (difference in temperature), relative humidity and a
minimum proportion of ON time of the Lofec panel heating prevents the formation of condensation on the surface.
Humidity, the cause of mould growth, is thereby lastingly prevented.

Thermal bridges due to construction defects
Mould remediationExisting buildings often show shortcomings in the form of thermal bridges during heating periods. These damages can
usually only be repaired selectively by large measures such as e.g exterior insulations. In this case the Lofec panel
heating provides the ideal solution.

The user´s ventilation habits
Replacing humid indoor air with dry outdoor air – that is ventilation ´s purpose. This way the mould is deprived of its breeding ground. If the user shows poor ventilation habits the Lofec panel heating can only function supportively. In this special case the user´s attitude towards ventilation must be changed.