September 22, 2017

Allround heating


Heating for next generations.
















  • Due to air being a poor heat carrier medium
    convective heat generates an enormous loss of energy
  • With convective heat windows and poor insulation
    contribute to a high loss of energy as well.
  • Especially asthmatics and allergy sufferers constantly
    struggle with the whirling up of dust and mites.
  • By reason of a huge difference in temperature a discomforting
    room climate is caused.
  • Cold draughts on the wall set up the perfect breeding
    ground for mould growth.






  • Radiant heat provides an even heating-up of objects in the room without relying on the poor heat
    carrier air.
  • Radiation heat is reflected on glass and therefore the loss of energy through windows is impossible.
  • The air temperature remains low so that the loss of energy is kept to a minimum even when aerating.
  • Instead discomfort, radiation heat provides you with a natural feel-good climate.
  • Walls are heated directly which means no condensate and no mould.





Lofec MallorcaIn the floor
Whether used as regulated floor temperature control or pleasant floor heating – Lofec panel heating fits and heats every square meter. Due to homogeneous heat distribution the panel heating can be combined with any kind of
flooring material. Hereby, the prescribed temperature limits are of course complied with.

Lofec MallorcaIn the wall
Installed inside the wall Lofec panel heating provides a comfortable room atmosphere or selectively heated areas. One big advantage of the heating rails is the damage tolerance.

Lofec MallorcaIn the ceiling
When it comes to power consumption ceiling heating is the most economical way of heating.
Minimal installation height generates short heat-up periods. In combination with a maintenance-free system the installation in the ceiling guarantees ideal energy efficiency and at the same time the highest flexibility when interior decorating.


In combination it heats up everything.



Flächenheizung Lofec

Perforated and concealed
For floor, wall and ceiling adhesion.
Breathable heating rail due to perforation.
Power: 60/110/220 Watt per square metre.





Flächenheizung Lofec Laminated
For floating floor installation.
Through lamination the heating rail is electrically insulated.
Power: 125 Watt per square metre.






Flächenheizung Lofec

Laminated and concealed
For installation in wet areas. Crimp contacts
are additionally covered with resin.
Power: 125/220 Watt per square metre.






Central regulation
The Lofec central heating control system is a compact steel-sheet enclosure with ventilation for up to eight slots. These slots can be equipped with base plates as needed (transformer, latching relay and control unit).
The base plates can be equipped with the following capacity: 300VA, 600VA, 900VA, 1200VA and 1800VA.
One or more Lofec central heating control systems can be installed in every basement, utility room or storeroom.
Due to the compact design of 1100 x 600 x 400 (H/W/D) the installation can be done easily.
Preinstalled plug connections for our Lofec heating rails, as well as for a 230V connection, and the steel-sheet  enclosure with lockable doors are just a few features of our central heating control system.

Single regulation
Also single control possible for a single room.
The individual control can also be combined with the central control.

Range of application
Lofec central heating control systems are applied when there are more than five heating circuits given and/or if the current construction impedes an individual room temperature regulation system or rather it is just not wanted by the customer. With the Lofec central heating control system you regulate the whole heating from one single room. With only 0,26 m3 of volume and an area of 0,24 m2 you will hardly lose any space.


Control technology
A wireless system is the control technology‘s standard. We deliver a conventional handwheel controller or a digital thermostat with display and clock. Naturally, a wired system is available as well. Please do not hesitate contact us.

Lofec‘s junction boxes are delivered as flush-mounting distribution boards or as switch cabinets. The protected Lofec relay SSR makes the system 100% reliable – even in the case of power fluctuations.


  • 8 slots for baseplate with transformer and Lofec-relay 300, 600, 900, 1200 and 1800 watt
  • Baseplate secured both primarily and secondarily
  • Preinstalled plug connections for Lofec heating rails
  • Steel-sheet enclosure with lockable door
  • Measurements 1100 x 600 x 400 (h/w/d)



Oil and gas belong to the past, future heating is supposed to work with electricity. Plants that run with Lofec panel heating are superior to all other existing electric heating systems. Since the energy transition that was proclaimed by the German Bundesregierung (Cabinet of Germany) the direction is clear: In the long run fossil fuel like oil and gas belong to the past, renewable energy will increasingly gain in importance. This fact does not only count for electricity production, but also for heat output. In the long term electrical grids, that are getting greener and greener, combined with the use of decentralised renewable energy carriers, will cover for the energy supply of  buildings and neighbourhoods.

Lofec MallorcaEfficient
Energy-saving 24 V technic, large surface heating – low energy costs.

Lofec MallorcaNot expensive
Photovoltaics use for those using their own power, low-cost heating tariffs for direct-acting heating.

Lofec MallorcaEnvironmentally friendly
Photovoltaics use for those using their own power, eco-power tariffs with 100% electricity generated by renewable energy sources are usable.


Allround heatingHeating load calculation in accordance with DIN EN 12831.
The heating load calculation in accordance with DIN EN 12831 represents a recognized
and sufficiently precise procedure to determine the room heating load as well
as the building heating load. These calculations are the basis of the laying of every
heating system. With changes in the realm of the system technology or an energetic
evaluation of the building stock, especially at room level, often the planner cannot
resort to such calculations. Depending on the circumstances and the data situation,
other and more simplified methods have to be used to calculate the room heating load.