October 3, 2017

Industry Partner

IndustriepartnerLofec Heizungen

Why Lofec panel heating?
Because nothing can compare.

Lofec GmbH has many years of experience of working closely with companies involved with the manufacture of adhesives and plasters for walls, ceilings and floors as well as manufacturers of adhesives for floor coverings.

Our construction recommendations help the installer design each Lofec panel heating system to meet the requirements. A crucial decision is how and where to install the Lofec panel heating elements. Our detailed installation recommendations are based on the technical requirements of the relevant manufacturers. The specialist knowledge, recommendations and experience of the manufacturers of plasters and adhesives for our heating fabrics are incorporated into these installation recommendations. Every surface and installation situation makes its own particular demands on the adhesive or plaster used with our heating fabrics.

By observing the installation recommendations of our industry partners, you will always be on the safe side in your choice of Lofec heating fabric. The installation requirements are made available to you sorted by manufacturer name. In addition, we also provide great deal of technical information such as permissible loads, butt jointing patterns and preparation of the substrate, which must all be tailored to the model specifications provided by the manufacturers. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are at all uncertain. We would also be pleased to consult with our industry partners and provide you with installation recommendations drawn up specifically for you and your requirements.